What are the three coordinates of automobile checking fixtur

2019-08-31 Industry News

The three-coordinate, also called the dimension, is a machine for measuring accuracy, referred to as CMM. It is an efficient precision measuring instrument developed in the 1960s. It emerged because of the high-efficiency machining of automatic machine tools and CNC machine tools, as well as the need for fast and reliable measuring equipment for the processing of more and more complex shaped parts.

At present, three-coordinate measurement has been widely used in various industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, etc., and has become an indispensable high-precision measuring equipment for modern industrial inspection and quality control. For our special non-standard gages, the three-coordinate measurement is an indispensable testing equipment. After we obtain the customer's product drawings and design the gage plan that meets the relevant requirements of the product and the customer is satisfied, it is necessary. Start the processing steps in the later stage, then we need to use our three-coordinate measurement, because the accuracy of the device itself is very high, so use it to test the accuracy of each part of our gage, for the gage itself More ensures the accuracy of our inspection tools. For example, some position of the gage, flatness and his profile include some parts of the car. We can all get the actual size by detecting the coordinate measurement.

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