Positioning principle method of automobile inspection tool

2019-09-05 Industry News

To test the auto parts, you must first fix the product. If the product is loose, the measured result is not available. Therefore, if we want to test the auto parts, we must first fix the parts, which is often called positioning. How is the car inspection tool positioned differently?Top Talent Checking Fixture answer it for you.

As you all know, triangles have stability in polygons. Similarly, the auto parts products are positioned in the space three-coordinate system, and it is necessary to satisfy the positioning in three directions of the three coordinate systems, that is, the X, Y, and Z directions. The X direction has positive and negative points, and the same Y and Z directions also have positive and negative points. Here, the positive and negative directions of X, Y, and Z are collectively referred to as X, Y, and Z directions.

In the design of automobile inspection tools, the commonly used positioning methods are mainly used, and the sub-references are clamped and positioned with the clamps, and some products are positioned by using buckles and the like. The main reference generally controls the two directions, such as controlling the XY, XZ, and YZ directions; the sub-reference controls one direction, such as controlling the X, Y, and Z directions; the clamp is held on the zero veneer, and generally controls one direction such as control. X, Y, Z direction. In the space coordinate system, the general positioning method is so large.

According to the specific type of the product, the positioning form is also different. Some product positioning is positioning by using the positioning hole, and some products are the edge and surface positioning of the product. Regardless of the positioning, the principle of positioning is oriented around the three directions of space. Otherwise, the phenomenon of unstable positioning will occur. Regardless of the positioning of your product,Top Talent Checking Fixture can create a satisfactory positioning method.

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