How to process the support seat of automobile checking fixtu

2019-09-28 Industry News

The support of the car inspection tool is very simple. In addition to the high precision of the analog block in all parts of the car inspection tool, the height accuracy of other parts is guaranteed to be plus or minus ±0.01MM, and the shape can be plus or minus 0.1mm. Within the scope of the part, the structure of the part is also very simple, which is a simple supporting part. Before processing, the material of the incoming material is first determined. The supporting support is made of steel and aluminum. According to the customer's product, Select the support base of different materials, first determine the dimensions of the incoming material during the processing, and whether the steel has a margin of 0.3~0.5MM.

The milling machine starts to punch holes. In order to facilitate the subsequent processing, the support seat of the steel must be hit with the reference point. The positioning pin hole of the blind hole should be in place. The milling machine processes the pin hole and the screw hole and sends the heat treatment after the tapping is completed. The hardness is HRC45. °C~48°C, the standard parts of the support seat ordered on the general market are not hardened. In order to consider the service life of the parts, all the steel parts of the thick-rui vehicle inspection tools will be hardened. After the heat treatment is finished, the height of the support seat should be finely ground to ±0.01MM, the shape is ±0.1MM, the support surface has beveled and profiled wire cutting and NC machining. After all the processes are completed, the chamfer deburring is perfect. The car inspection tool zero sticker is processed.

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