Location Setting of Automotive Fixtures and Lamps

2019-10-12 Industry News

The setting of the lamp can realize the positioning of the gage and the lamp through the three positioning buckles of the three positioning slots on the gage, and fix the gage and the lamp by two locking handles. The six directions of the lamp ensure the positioning and fixing of the lamp and the gage during the measurement. All the positioning block and the locking block are limited by the space or directly below the lamp. From the perspective of cost saving and ease of use, the left and right parts of the lamp are designed on the same bottom plate without affecting the use.

Due to the small size of the lamp, the curvature of the surface changes greatly, and the locking area and the positioning block are under the lamp, resulting in a deep and narrow area of the gage body to be processed, and the machine tool is in the space of processing the negative angle of the area. The restriction will interfere with the body of the gage, and at the same time, there is no operation space when the partial positioning block is actually installed.

In order to solve this difficulty, the resin material can be combined in the design stage to facilitate the segmentation, easy bonding, and the ability to restore the overall strength after bonding. The module is decomposed from bottom to top, and the parts that interfere with the original machine tool are avoided by separate processing. After processing, the processing is continued by bonding. The operation space of the positioning block is not installed, and the fixture body module can be disassembled, the positioning block is first installed, and the subsequent inspection tool body module is assembled, and the process improvement is solved, which not only solves the processing interference problem, but also realizes the installation of the positioning block. It does not affect the accuracy and strength of the gage.

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