Articulated arm CMM measuring gage

2019-11-01 Industry News

Measuring after the inspection tool is completed is a cumbersome step. Because the structure of the inspection tool is more complicated and the 3D surface has more measurement points, it is generally measured by the desktop three-coordinate. Although the accuracy of the desktop three-coordinate is high, it is inconvenient in operation, especially the partial inspection has a large specific product and many dead angles. The drawbacks of benchtop coordinate measurement have emerged. Therefore, another measurement method is known to everyone. This is the articulated arm coordinate measuring instrument, a measuring instrument that resembles a robot.

A plurality of fixed length arms are interconnected by joints that rotate about mutually perpendicular axes, and a coordinate measuring device of the detection system is mounted on the final shaft. Generally, the number of rotations of the shoulders, elbows and wrists is represented by three "-" separated numbers. The 2-2-3 configuration can have a0-b0-d0-e0-f0 and a0-b0-c0-d0-e0 -f0-g0 The articulated arm measuring machine with angular rotation, in order to adapt to the current situation, the number of joints is generally less than 7, usually for manual measurement.

The articulated arm measuring machine replaces the length reference with an angle reference, and connects several rods and one probe in series through a rotary joint, and the probe end moves freely in space, generally consisting of a base, 6 joints, 2 arms, and The measuring head and other parts are composed. The measuring system has a space of six degrees of freedom, which can easily realize the measurement of complex workpieces. The articulated arm coordinate measuring machine uses the rotation angle of each joint and the action arm as a measurement reference to realize coordinate measurement by coordinate system transformation. Therefore, the primary measured parameter in the data acquisition system is the corner of each joint, and the length of the working arm is determined by the calibration of the mechanical structure.

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